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Architecture Kit


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Our Architecture Kit. Contains:

  • Tracing Paper Roll 92gsm - 55cm x 20m (PPTRACR55)
  • A3 Tracing Paper Pad 90gsm (PADTA3)
  • A3 Marker Pad Bleedproof 70gsm (PADMA3)
  • A5 Starter Sketchbook 140gsm All-Media (STA5BC)
  • 12" Adjustable Set Square (DARSS12)
  • Triangular Scale Ruler (DARTS)
  • 30cm Flexible French Curve (DARFC)
  • Set of 3 French Curves (DARFCS3)
  • Circle Template (DARCT)
  • Masking Tape 25mm x50m (TAPM25)
  • 60cm Steel Ruler (DAR60)
  • 30cm Aluminium Ruler (DAR30)
  • Large Plastic Kraft Knife (DACK)
  • Swann Morton Scalpel (DACKSM3)
  • 10A Blades Foil Pack of 5 (DACKB10A)
  • A3+ Cutting Mat (DACM3)
  • Uni Pin Fineliner Set of 5 0.1-0.8mm (DAPFLM)
  • Metal Lead holder with Sharpener (DALH5900)
  • Permanent Marker Twin Black (DAPFLKTI)
  • A3 Seawhite Storage Box (PRSBA3)