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Graphics & Illustration Kit


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Our Graphics & Illustration Kit. Contains:

  • A3 Archival Box (PRABA3)
  • A3 Tracing Paper Pad 90gsm (PADTA3)
  • A3 Marker Pad Bleedproof 70gsm (PADMA3)
  • A3 Bristol Board Pad 240gsm (PADBRIA3)
  • A4 140gsm All-Media Cartridge Pad (PAD140A4)
  • Uni Pin Fineliner Set of 5 0.1-0.8mm (DAPFLM)
  • Ergo Pro Illustration Marker Set 12 (DAEPM12)
  • Graphic Pencil Tin Set 12 5B-5H (DAP12MG)
  • Metal Lead holder with Sharpener (DALH5900)
  • Plastic Eraser (DAEPL)
  • Pencil Sharpener (DASH)