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Pack 3 - Oil Painting Set


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Pack 3 - Oil Painting Set

A complete essential set for oil painting.

Ideal for anyone on their creative journey.


  • A4 Canvas Pad (PADCANA4)
  • Oil Paint Set, 12 x 12ml (PTOIL12)
  • Golden Synthetic Brush Set 2 4 8 10 (BS6)
  • Seawhite Palette Knife, Shape 45 (DAPK45)
  • Plastic Palette (DAPAR8)
  • A3+ Polyfolder (POLYFA3)

    Kits are carefully put together from our range of quality art & design materials. Complete with beautifully soft golden synthetic brushes and set of 12 colours. The best surfaces are an essential base to your creations.

    Seawhite pads are hand made in Sussex to the highest spec. Glued and taped to rigid 2mm board backing and integral front cover. Offers a flexible way of working for artists, students and designers alike.

    The Seawhite Canvas pad is made up of 10 sheets of superb quadruple-primed cotton canvas.

    Ready for use and Acid Free, gives fantastic results with oil paints.

    Draw on our experience.